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  1. david

    I’m looking at using this in our school to book out rooms. is there any way we could put a cost field? obviously if we can put a cost in, is there any way we could show the total for the day?



    1. Kuu Post author

      Thank you for the comment.

      (1)A method for adding a cost field

      (a)AdminMenu->ResourceBooking->Environment settings->check “Use reservation details” and click update.
      (b)AdminMenu->ResourceBooking->Setting reservation details->Add the cost field.

      (2)A method for caliculating the total cost of the day

      I think its directory referencing the DB.

      Any questions here


  2. david


    Only problem with that is that it doesn’t report it in the reservation page. If I add a figure to remarks it does show that, I’ll try that.
    Is there any way I can get the reservation report to show on the web page?

    Thanks again


    1. kuu Post author

      Which screen is “the reservation page” ? Front reservation screen or Admin -> ResourceBooking -> “Reservations” screen
      What is “the reservation report” ?
      Could you tell me details of the problem,if possible

  3. david

    Thanks for helping!

    Yes, admin, reservations,

    It shows a table like :-

    No Operation Name Time Name Remark
    updated SelectDelete Sports Hall 11/14/2016 14:00 – 17:00 dfggfd gfd
    2 SelectDelete Drama 2 11/16/2016 15:00 – 20:00 wer wer
    3 SelectDelete Main Hall 11/30/2016 14:00 – 20:00 ertwetrwv ewrtt

    It doesn’t show the COST field we added in Setting reservation details. Any way it could be?


    is there any way I could get that table (as shown above) into a web page?

    Thanks so much

    1. kuu Post author

      Hi, David.

      (1)The way of display like a table
       (A)update this plugin(version 1.5.3)
       (B)add filter as follow example

      add_filter( 'rcal_rowCallback',
      	function ( $content, $details_inf ) {
      		$category_cd = 0;
      		foreach($details_inf as $k1 => $d1 ) {
      -> you need to change 'XXXXX' to 'cost?'(Field name in Setting reservation details).
      		if ($d1['category_name'] == 'XXXXX' ) {
      				$category_cd = $d1['category_cd'];
      		if ($category_cd == 0 ) {
      			return "";
      		$content = '$j("td:eq(5)",nRow).text(aData.memo.i'.$category_cd.');';
      		return $content;

        (C)you can show the value of ‘cost’ on remark

      Any questions here


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